Song #68 — Good Name
Artist — William Onyeabor
Picked by Mondo DJs
Date 21.05.21

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This month’s Special Guest pick is from Nottingham based DJ’s Mondo and they’ve weighed in with a big gun — the one and only William Onyeabor. When asked why they picked ‘Good Name’ Phil from Mondo said “it’s one of the tracks I can’t wait to hear out as loud as possible.”

Like a lot of people I first came across Onyeabor’s formidable back catalogue when David Byrne’s label Luaka Bop released the brilliant compilation “Who is William Onyeabor?” in 2013 A fascintaing figure, shrouded in mystery I’m really surprised there’s not been a biopic made about him or some long ass Netflix docu series.

Be sure to check out Mondo’s insta account which is full of amazing record sleeves from their collection that focuses on African, Latin, Caribbean & Eastern sounds.

I loved painting this portrait which was done in watercolour. 

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