Song #81 — Dance Dance Dance
Artist — Patrick Adams & Marta Acuna
Year — 1977
Picked by HelloVon
Date 25.07.22

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I’ve had a 7 month break from the Song of the Week project whilst I learnt how our new baby works but I’m back with an absolute banger! SOTW #81 is in honour of the pioneering producer and musician Patrick Adams who sadly plassed away last week — his 1977 track with Marta Acuna ‘Dance Dace Dance.’ The legend goes he met Marta Acuna (who sang on the song), recorded and mixed the track all on the one day. Adams played everything except congas and never saw Marta again. So was born the absolute perfect disco tune.

The portrait was painte in ink  scanned and coloured digitally. In homage to his back catalogue he is lit by the refracted lights of a disco ball. 

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