Song — Baby    
Artist — Donnie & Joe Emerson
Picked by HelloVon
Date 14.06.19

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Serious 👌Sunday vibes for today's Song of the Week courtesy of Donnie & Joe Emerson and their classic 'Baby.'

The two brothers make for an interesting story. Spurred on by his sons' talent their dad built them a state of the art recording studio on their farm in the late 70's envisaging super stardom for the boys. They wrote, self- recorded and self-produced around 70 songs — 8 of which made it to their eclectic debut album 'Dreamin' Wild.' Sadly it went largely unheard of until 2008 when an old copy was discovered by a DJ who evangalised about it and then Ariel Pink‘s Haunted Graffiti did an excellent cover of the song 'Baby' in 2012 and Dreamin' Wild was re-released that year on a Light in the Attic records to cult status.

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